24 June 2013


Bingham School Repurposing Update


24 June 2013


Wornall Public Library, KCMO


6:30 pm



Elizabeth Hollins presiding.



About 75% of the people at this meeting had been at the meeting at the church two weeks ago.



Stakeholders: Tower Homes Association, Waldo Area Business Association, Waldo Homes Association.



Josh Hemberger, architect and THA board member, has been involved in negotiations with WalMart. For a WalMart business, this is a good proposal, for example they will put in a bridge for the Trolley Trail.



About 95 % of the people at this meeting have turned in a feedback form to the school district.



Of 30+ sites, this is one of the few that had any bids at all, and may be the only one with real commercial possibility. Repurposing office has been working very hard to include residents in the process (meetings here in neighborhood, trying to set dates to make it possible for many people to come…)



School district needs our feedback by 30 June 2013.



Individual opinions:


-Economic development analyst – in favor of plan. Lots of good things; as big a win as we can get.


-Against WalMart in general. Doesn’t like cutting Trolley Trail.


-Against WalMart but not against commercial use in general.


-Against WalMart and don’t want more traffic.


-WalMart does not add to the neighborhood. There are food deserts where a WalMart Market could be appreciated. Dental offices or something would be fine.


-Too small a space for commercial development. 77th Street not big enough for so much traffic. Troost needs groceries, we don’t.


-Against WalMart. Doesn’t want more traffic. Doesn’t want residents to have to pay for curbs and sidewalks due to WalMart.


-Doesn’t like WalMart. Higher traffic retail of any kind will increase traffic – pedestrians need to be taken into account. If property goes retail we will probably never get it back.


-Traffic is a definite negative. Hard to see how Trolley Trail can go over 77th Street. Against WalMart. Would like to see non-commercial valuation and use. Why is WalMart trying to buy houses on West side of Wyandotte?


-Against any commercial development. Against traffic. If it must happen, could 77th be closed at Wyandotte? Or Main? What about storm drains, which are already stressed?


-Against any commercial development. Against WalMart. Educational use in future, or just knock down the school and leave it green.


-Grew up in Waldo. 77th has just been narrowed to reduce traffic. Closing school was disservice to neighborhood.


-Opposed to any commercial development.


-Lives on Wyandotte. Has seen WalMart Superstore move in, kill other business, then move out. No arteries that go into this area. Bonds expire in a few years, so just wait. Doesn’t mind looking at deteriorating building for a few more years. Soccer field is not big enough for actual games. Traffic will be really bad.


-WalMart would not bring anything into neighborhood.


-Worried Aldi’s, Dollar General, etc. will be forced out of business.


-Traffic. Better to wait.


-Community center at YMCA not much used. Tower Park not much supported by city. Who would take care of green space? Commercial would mean jobs, tax revenue. Need to see traffic study.


-WalMart grocery store or deteriorating school – WalMart grocery would be better. People liked Hen House proposal, and that would have been bigger store.


-Lives at 77th and Wyandotte. Traffic is biggest concern. Anti-commercial. Likes to see kids playing sports rather than ipods.


-Concerned about traffic. Would like to see city sit on property. Can’t picture Trolley Trail bridge.


-Live on Wyandotte. Against anything commercial.


-Concerned with what will happen to property if there is no commercial sale. Best would be green space. Waldo doesn’t have much green space. Dog park would be great. Against commercial.


-Torn. Live right there on Wyandotte. In perfect world would like green space, but where would money come from? Likes CID. OK with WalMart.


-Against any commercial development but especially WalMart. Many sports teams practice there.


-Concerned about traffic problems, putting commerical development in residential neighborhood. Don’t trust WalMart. Can’t picture Trolley Trail bridge.


-Daughter works at WalMart. They don’t treat their employees so badly. They donate to many charities; would probably donate to homes assocation. Traffic will be an issue, may need one way streets or something. Not against WalMart Market. Likes cheaper groceries.


-Lived in neighborhood since 1977 and raised kids here. Adamantly opposed to WalMart. Let them go in Ward Parkway. Opposed to any commercial development. Unless it were doctors’ offices or something like that.


-Everything has already been said.



Attendees were asked to answer two question survey: Do you approve of the sale to WalMart? Do you approve of any commercial use of the property?



About 40 people in attendance

Adjourned about 7:45 pm.

Board members            in attendance
Elizabeth Hollins                   x
Kurtis Marinez x
Jeff Highfill
Cassi Neff                               x
Charlotte McCloskey
Garth Stocking
Karol O’Brien x
Marty Hatten                         x
Chad Potter
Catherine Dobson x
Saphia Gray
Mary Cary
Josh Hemberger                     x
Angie Lile x
Teresa Bolton
Michelle Bailey
John Bozarth                           x
Patrick Allen



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