15 August 2013 THA Board Meeting

Tower Homes Association Board Meeting

Thursday, 15 August 2013

7:00 PM

CoWork Waldo

7449 Broadway

Elizabeth Hollis presiding

Newsletter: now most people get the newsletter via email, so there are not enough paper subscribers to bulk mail. Kathie Kerr will be doing the newsletter. Remember to include her on email distribution lists.

21 Sept 2013 Fall Festival 10:00 to 5:00

Marty – usually get two tables. Need electrical? Maybe for Tower display. Those available to help staff the homes association tables should email Marty with the times they would like to work. martyhatten@gmail.com

Possibility of having a neighborhood Community Investment District instead of homes association – works for Greenway. Fee is built into property tax. Management is done by professionals. Angie and John will research for next board meeting. “Homes Association” evokes bossy control, “Neighborhood Association” maybe not.

September 14 2013 THA general meeting: Room A at Waldo Library. Master gardener coming to speak. Public Works: Overflow control project also coming. Board member elections coming up. Elizabeth not renewing presidency.

Angie – Streetscape: “Amenity zones” will have electricity and / or water for holiday lights, plantings, etc. Waldo CID will fund most of it. Will be done piecemeal over time. Will hire engineering firm to locate water mains, etc.

Kurtis – Tower park: will get bollards put in to prevent parking on grass. Looking at bids for work on Tower: roof, bird screens, parapet concrete work, antenna removal, door at base.

Angie – Waldo Area Business Association is doing summer passport. Get stamps from 10 businesses by 31 August and get 5 Waldo bucks and enter a drawing for $100.

Connie and Colleen – Waldo Homes Association: 3rd Saturday of October will have gardening event.

Elizabeth – next year maybe alternate service projects with social meetings. Lessons learned in past year, goals and passions for next year:

Elizabeth – important to do social funcitons. People like them and there isn’t necessarily a lot of burden to put them on. More than one service project. We have received enough complaints about properties that maybe we need to be more proactive with prodding city for action. This may be a role for Elizabeth post-presidency. Maybe rethink structure of our organization – more by project than district? Could give annual awards to community leaders, for people, places, things?

John – Safety in neighborhood. Have been some break-ins, seem to be random. During day, kick in door. Would like to request additional police patrols. (Intruders came through back door at Kurtis’s.) Not much crime in park. Also passionate about gardens. Will continue to coordinate Dumpster Days.

Colleen – combine Tower and Waldo picnics. Last year Waldo Homes Association picnic had a very small turnout. Maybe have a joint event at the new beer garden. Progressive party?

Angie – passionate about neighborhood CID. Need campaign to get neighborhood behind it. Would be nice to have a retreat to spend 4 hours setting priorities etc.

Catherine – likes idea of alternating social meetings with service projects

Marty – is on Waldo Program committee, likes to do Fall Festival.

Karol – enjoys Second Friday Council Meetings. 7:30 am at Trailside. Good programs.

Kurtis – Tower renovation is his baby. Convenience store at 75th and Holmes is finally doing some cleanup. Cut brush, fixed doors and fence.

28 Aug 2013 School board meeting re Bingham at 6:30 p.m. at the Board of Education building, 1211 McGee St.

Adjourned about 8:15 PM.

Board members in attendance:

Elizabeth Hollins x

Kurtis Marinez x

Jeff Highfill

Cassi Neff x

Charlotte McCloskey

Garth Stocking x

Karol O’Brien x

Marty Hatten x

Chad Potter

Catherine Dobson x

Saphia Gray

Mary Cary

Josh Hemberger

Angie Lile x

Teresa Bolton

Michelle Bailey

John Bozarth x

Patrick Allen

Colleen and Connie of Waldo Homes x

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