14 September 2013 General Meeting Minutes

Tower Homes Association and Waldo Homes Association combined General Meeting
Saturday, 14 September 2013
10:00 AM  Waldo Library
Elizabeth Hollins, presiding

Waldo Fall Festival – Marty: Next Saturday.  Food trucks, stuff for kids, pancake breakfast, music, etc.  Volunteers needed to staff homes association booth.

Library – Marty: Big Read  – True Grit

Dumpster Day and Rain Garden – Elizabeth: Dumpster day (8:00 AM to full) and rain garden work day (10:00 am) Saturday 26 October 2013

Next THA general meeting – Elizabeth: Nov 9 2013 will be here at Waldo Library

Streetscape plan for Community Improvement District /Waldo Area Business Association – Angie: plan available for view.

There will be two fall brush collections by city, one in October and one in November, on regular trash days.

Josh Hemberger – president
Kurtis Martinez – vice president
Cassi Neff – secretary
Jeff Highfill – treasurer
No nominations from floor.  Motion to approve slate: Angie Lile
Second: Mary Cary
Motion carried

Chris Veach – Arborist / University Missouri Extension Master Gardener Volunteer
Fall tree planting
Good time to plant for most trees
Watering – screwdriver test
Many considerations in tree selection
www.MODOT.org plant finder link
Understory Trees
Flowering Crabapple
Emerald Ash Borer – coming.  Expensive to treat.
Evergreens – have had 5 tough years (cold wet spring and / or hot dry summer)

Laura Isch & Andy Schively – KCMO Water Services
Water department is divided into Water (drinking water), Wastewater, Stormwater (5% of the total budget is for Stormwater).
Overflow Control Program sewer project (25 yr project starting in 2010, 4.5 to 5 billion dollars overall)  Most of the problem is with combined sewer lines which handle both sewage and stormwater.  Program includes incorporating green solutions (mimic what nature would do if we were not here), repair, replacement, minimizing runoff.
Questions: 816-513-0124

About 20 people in attendance

Adjourned about 11:50 AM.

Board members            in attendance
Elizabeth Hollins                   x
Kurtis Marinez
Jeff Highfill
Cassi Neff                               x
Charlotte McCloskey
Garth Stocking                       x
Karol O’Brien                         x
Marty Hatten                          x
Chad Potter
Catherine Dobson
Saphia Gray
Mary Cary                              x
Josh Hemberger                     x
Angie Lile                              x
Teresa Bolton
Michelle Bailey
John Bozarth
Patrick Allen

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