9 November 2013 General Meeting

Meeting Minutes


November 9, 2013

The meeting was called to order by Elizabeth Hollins, filling in for president Josh Hemberger, who was unable to attend due to schedule conflict.



Home rehab speaker, YMCA and new church at 7800 Troost to be used as community center. 



Curtis – Tower update.  Some changes from initial plan necessary.  Currently replacing roof and exterior concrete is being repaired.  Antennas have been removed which has improved overall appearance.  Bird screens will be installed on the windows.   Then exterior will be painted and junction boxes removed.  Addition of door on backside still might happen this round.



Phase Two of renovation will include remainder of painting and repair of ladder.  Mock gas lamps will be installed. 



Long term plan includes installation of an elevator to transport individuals up to first balcony level to look out windows.  John Sharp is supporter of this feature.  This elevator would not be open to public on general basis, but possibly for special events.  Elevator primarily for maintenance.



John spoke on Dumpster day last weekend reporting response was good, with over 50 households participating.  The next scheduled brush and leaf pick up is November 21st. 



Colleen Durkin spoke about possible streetcar expansion through the Waldo area.   Caro brought a copy of the Kansas City paper from 1957 that she found that featured an article about the closing of the old trolley line.  Colleen also reported on attending the last meeting with John Sharp at Trailside Center.  An architect and representative from the city were on hand.  Studies regarding proposed streetcar expansion routes were presented to the city council on Thursday. 



Streetcar Neighbors is a Facebook presence to get neighbors onboard about streetcars.  There are signs available to the public for display in your yard.  If you want one, contact Colleen Durkin at treasurer@waldohomes.org, or Melissa at Co-Works. 



On November 21st, the full council will have a meeting to adopt an ordinance to fund the study for additional lines.  This meeting is open to the public.  Melissa at Co-Works has signs available.  Members are encouraged to contact John Sharp to express their opinions on this issue. 



In lieu of guest speaker, breakout sessions were held as an ice breaker activity as several guests from Waldo Homes Association were in attendance.  Participants were encouraged to brainstorm on priorities for the upcoming year.  Results reported as follows:


1)       Welcome bags to recruit new members, speed bumps at Main & Pico, expanding the rain garden at Tower Park, maybe do fundraising with historical society on need on north and east side of Tower Park which is prone to flooding.


2)       Concerns about landscaping in Tower Park being used as cover for crime, number of foreclosures and empty buildings in neighborhood, with related vermin and crime activity.


3)       Continuing to advocate with the city – sidewalks to re-enforce walkability and encourage development of bike paths.  Think things are generally going in right direction.


4)       Schools, excitement with Hale Cook and pre-k development, public safety and improvements to parks.



Members were reminded of  peace rally scheduled for 3 pm today at Liberty Memorial. 



Rake-a thon : Shepherd Center provides services to seniors.  Tower Homes is coordinating volunteers to help seniors to clean up their yards for the fall as an outreach project to support the community.



There is another social get together planned for Dec. 2nd at Chelly’s Restaurant.  RSVP at  towerhomesassociation.org.  Chelly’s management will provide an appetizer spread.



Next meeting will be Saturday, January 11, 2014.



Respectfully submitted by Connie Ferro, Secretary, Waldo Homes Association.

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