WTHA May 2017 Meeting

WTHA Neighborhood Meeting

May 13, 2017, 10 a.m., Waldo Library

Attendance: 25

Called to order at 10:15 a.m. by Angie Lile


Dumpster Day, May 27th 8 am til full. Only three dumpsters this year, so they will fill fast.

Focus Group Meetings starting to set the future of WTHA, look for a mailer which is being sent to all residents in the WTHA boundaries

UMKC Center for Neighborhoods Update – Elizabeth Hollins provided updates on the work of three board members working to revitalize WTHA and engage residents to set the future goals of the organization.

Country Club/Waldo Area Plan Steering Committee – The City is beginning work toward a new area plan, which sets the zoning and land use for properties in the area.

New Tool for Market Value Research from the City – The City released a new mapping tool which categorizes block groups with a health rating based on property values, property sales, ownership, distressed sales, land bank properties, code violations, and other data contributing to the health of neighborhood property values.

South Kansas City Alliance meeting – see updates below

Crime Update

  • No news on Waldo Wizard cleaning crew staff attacked on the trail
  • Reports of an unstable homeless man in Waldo who is bothering businesses. File a police report if you have a negative experience so that he can get the help that he needs.

Committee Updates

  • Welcome Bag Committee – Wanda Byas agreed to help with new member bags. They are available through the Southtown Council. If you know of a new neighbor, go to our website and give WTHA the info so that we can drop off a welcome bag!
  • Rain Garden Work Day in Tower Park – need volunteers to clean it up and add new plants. Also check on the status of the Butterfly Garden at South Oak Park
  • Nuisance Property discussion – follow up from last meeting. New concerns expressed regarding 7147 Main, 7736 Oak (water service off while occupied, possible drug activity)
  • KCPS Middle School Steering Committee update/slideshow from Angie – see attachment

Uniting at Southwest

Middle School would need 400-700 students. There are not currently enough KCPS students to hit this goal, and the demographics would not reflect the community. Uniting at Southwest movement is now in the early proposal stages and is moving towards a feasibility study for a charter school in the vacant Southwest High School facility. The values include diversity by design, interdisciplinary project-based learning, school autonomy, and community-based schools. Visit www.unitingatsouthwest.org to take a quick survey and learn more about the organization. A community presentation will be May 20, 11:00 a.m. at the Bluford Library.

Curb Appeal Grant Drawing

4 winners at @$250/each for projects to be completed by this time next year. Two alternates were selected and will be notified if any winner is unable to complete their project.


  • Larry Roth
  • Brooke Mullens
  • Tim Frenzel
  • Kylee Rooney Soucie


  • Victoria and Mark Ham
  • Kate Carpenter


WTHA Update from the South Kansas City Alliance Meeting on 5/8/17 – T.Gay

City Manager Reveals Plan to spend first $40 Million in GO Bonds

City Manager, Troy Schulte is revealing the first wave of project for the $800 Million GO bonds that the Kansas City voters (that’ US) approved in April.  If you don’t get a chance to go to meeting where he is speaking, check it out at http://kcmo.gov/spotlight/ !

Bannister Federal Complex Clean-up and Redevelopment

CenterPoint, the company that is redeveloping the Bannister Federal Complex held a public information meeting on May 11th to keep the public informed of the plans they’ve prepared for the clean-up of this site.  The company has a website dedicated to providing public information about this project:


You can see all of the information and how to contact them if you have questions.  They have a public office hours, and you can sign up to receive regular updates via email by clicking the link on the home page.


Kansas City Zoo – Billy Goat Update

Billy Goat Update

The Kansas City Zoo is continuing to remodel update and enhance the animal habitats as well as the human experience.  “Billy Goats Gruff Yard” debuted this spring.  It’s a playground for the goats and baby goats (“kids”).  The goats roam between two yards using wood bridges to climb on.  There are coin-operated goat food machines so you can feed them.  There is a new seating area from so you can watch the goats play.

Keeper for a Day

Did you know there is a program called “Keeper for a Day?”  Kids, ages 8-17 can spend a highly interactive day helping Zookeepers throughout the zoo.  Visit http://KansasCityZoo.org or call 816-595-1765 to register.

Zoomobiles can Bring the Zoo to you

Also, the zoo has interactive outreach programs using their Zoomobiles to bring the zoo to you.  It is available to schools, libraries, community centers, or other public events.  Need more info?  Contact 816-595-1765 or education@fotzkc.org .


Mid-Continent Public Library – Lots of programs serving the community!

Although WTHA is geographically located in the Kansas City Public Library District, many of us use our Waldo Library (KCPL) as well as the Red Bridge Library (MCPL) or others throughout the metro area.  Last November the L-Bond was passed to give MCPL a face-lift.  So in 2018 we’ll be seeing a new Red Bridge Library and the Wonderscope Children’s Library begin construction.  In addition to these things new to MCPL, they are also reassessing and revising how the support the community.  To that end they’ve learned that a lot of people don’t know about some of the programs available.

Career Online High School

There is a Career Online High School that offers adults the opportunity to complete their high school education and gain career training through a self-paced, supportive, and accredited online education program.  It’s not a GED.  It’s a diploma!

Summer STEAM – Build a Better World

The Summer STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math) program is called “Build a Better World” and takes place May 22 – July 31.  Find out more at http://mymcpl.org/FUN .

Job Search Assistance

If you are looking for a job or to change jobs, they offer help and tools to update your resume and enhance your computer skills.


Grow a Reader

The “Grow a Reader” program is aimed at your children.  It offers Reading Readiness (Birth – start of preschool), School Readiness (preschool – kindergarten), and Grade Level Reading (1st – 3rd grade).  Check it out at http://GrowaReader.org .

Library by Mail

If you know someone who is Homebound, Library by Mail in Independence serves people within the MCPL District who cannot get to a library branch because of health, mobility, advanced age, and permanent or temporary incapacity.  Contact 816-503-4175, homebound@mymcpl.org , or http://www.mymcpl.org/about-us/library-by-mail .


Jackson County Legislators – Form to Learn about COMBAT – THE Community Backed Anti-Drug Tax

Alfred Jordan is the Jackson County 2nd District representative.  The 2nd district is our neighbor to the east and he is also on the Jackson County Anti-Drug Committee.  Mr. Jordan is holding a forum on May 17, 2017 to inform the public on COMBAT – the Community Backed Anti-Drug Tax.  There will also be a special presentation by the Ad Hoc Group Against Crime.  The forum is being held at the Ivanhoe Neighborhood Center, 3700 Woodland Ave., Kansas City, MO.

WTHA is geographically located in the Jackson County 4th District and Dan Tarwater is our representative.  Dan is the chair of the Jackson County Anti-Drug Committee.


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Now accepting applications for Curbside Appeal Grant Giveaway!

Curbside appeal grants are funds given away out of our general membership account that are to be used to improve the curbside appeal of your house/property. Right now, we give away 4, $250 grants each year by a random drawing of members who have entered to win.

Applicants need only to fill out a contact form (scroll down to fill it out), or attend the drawing and fill it out in person.

Applicant must put their name, address and phone number as well as the proposed curbside project that will be concluded before the date of the following year’s drawing.

YOU must be:

  • A current dues-paying member of WTHA

You may pay your $25 dues today!


  • Visible from the street in front of your house
  • Completed by 1 year from May 13th (the date of the drawing)


  • 4 winners of $250 grants are drawn from the submissions. 2 alternates are drawn in case there are eligibility problems with the initial winners.
  • If you win, you complete your project within 1 year. Please contact us within 4 months of the drawing with an estimated timeline for your project and again before you begin so we can take “before” photos.
  • Once your project is complete, submit receipts for reimbursement of up to $250.
  • Before and after photos may be taken and compared prior to reimbursement.
  • Any reimbursement towards tools or equipment used to complete the project may not exceed $25 of the grant.

Example:  Your project is to plant a flower bed in front of your house.  You spend $200 on flowers, soil, mulch, and landscaping fabric.  You also spend $50 on a shovel, a hose, a hoe, and a rake.  Only $25 of the $50 spent on tools is eligible for reimbursement even though the total spent on the project did not exceed $250.

Winners of grant money are also not eligible to enter the drawing again the following year and must wait until 2 years after they’ve won to enter again. This rule was created specifically to limit the amount of winnings that went to the same person each year.

Our next drawing will be held on Saturday, May 13th, at our next General Meeting and we are now accepting entries.

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Spring Dumpster Day is Saturday, May 27th


There will only be 3 dumpsters for yard and garden debris and big trash items. No special bundling of yard and garden waste is necessary. This is on a first come, first served basis. Once the dumpsters are filled, they will be closed.

Open to WTHA members only. Non-members can join on site for $25.

No household appliances, paint, oil, or tires please!

Volunteers are always welcome to help unload items from member’s vehicles. Refreshments are usually provided. Contact John Bozarth with any questions about Dumpster Day.


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Our next general meeting is scheduled for Saturday, May 13th

Join the Sign Brigade and help spread awareness about our general meetings!

We hope you’ll join us for our next General Meeting, scheduled for Saturday, May 13th at 10am at the Waldo Public Library, Meeting Room A.

Saturday’s agenda includes updates from the neighborhood including events and crime reports, as well as an update on the Kansas City Public Schools Steering Committee to explore opening a middle school south of Brush Creek.

We’ll also be talking about Gardening! Spring is the time to get your garden planned out and started so we’ll have experts from the Kansas City Community Gardens organization as well as the Giving Grove and hopefully a few other gardening experts to answer your questions.

Finally, don’t miss out on our Curbside Appeal Grant drawing. We’ll be drawing out 4 lucky winners of $250 grants. Click here to learn more about this and to get your application in!

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Minutes for the April 19, 2017 Board Meeting

Waldo Tower Homes Association

Board Meeting

April 19, 2017, 6:30 p.m.

Held at the home of Tammy Gay, 8216 Kenwood

Attendees: Angie Lile, Karol O’Brien, Damien McNearney, Tammy Gay, Elizabeth Hollins, Cat Larrison, Mary Cary.

Quorum present (Board members absent: Safia Gray, Jeff Highfill, John Bozarth)

Visitor: Tiffany Moore, Armour Hills HOA

  1. Center for Neighborhoods class report out – Tammy, Karol, and Elizabeth are completing a UMKC course about best practices for neighborhood engagement, organizational management, and city connections. They shared lessons learned and plans to register with the state and update bylaws and branding relative to the previous merger of THA and WHA, along with the plans related to the work of focus groups.
  2. Action Item – Board members are asked to document a detailed list of responsibilities related to WTHA and steps you take to get it done in order to create a board handbook with phone numbers, links, etc. This will reduce potential problems in the event of unexpected volunteer turnover. Email the list to Angie.
  3. Membership – Mary reported that membership numbers are low compared to this time last year. Last year we had a total of $6,600 in membership revenues, and this year it is just $2,870 (when combining membership income with dues not yet transferred from PayPal). There was concern that some emails may not have been received. Mary will send a follow-up email to those that have not renewed membership this year.
  4. Frequency of meetings – Due to the recent uptick in WTHA activity, there was a discussion to increase board meeting to monthly vs. bimonthly. Karol moved to increase board meetings to monthly. Mary seconded. The motion passed unanimously. General meetings will continue to be held bimonthly, pending feedback received at focus groups.
  5. Focus Groups – Angie, Tammy, and Karol reported progress in the planning of a series of focus groups to solicit input from residents about the future of WTHA. Surveys have been developed, as well as the structure of the events. Food and drawing prizes have been solicited. Graphics were designed. Five dates have been set. A project budget was circulated. The costs include printing and mailing of a 6×11” postcard to all 3,094 households in the neighborhood. Elizabeth moved to approve a focus group project budget not to exceed $2,700. Mary seconded.  Unanimously approved. See postcard draft below.
  6. Budget – Treasurer’s reports for 12/31/16 year end and 3/31/17 year to date financials were distributed. Last year ended with expenses exceeding income by ($175.44). The organization has a savings account with a $14,082 balance, which helped to cover the minor deficit last year. In the first three months of this year, the organization has had $2,130 in income and $1,577 in expenses. John was able to reserve the dumpsters at the reduced rate of $60/each, which will save more than $1,000 from last year’s dumpster day expenses. Tammy moved to approve the dumpster day budget of $300, and Mary seconded. The motion passed unanimously.
  7. Curbside Appeal Grants – Kat Larrison will manage the grant drawing and management this year. This week, the website will launch a page to take entries. The drawing will be at the May 13 meeting. Four grants of $250 each will be granted and paid upon completion of the project. Due to changed drawing dates, last year’s winners will be able to complete projects through December 2017 and this year’s drawing winners will have a completion period of May 2017 – May 2018.
  8. May 13 General Meeting – Gardening Theme. The curb appeal grant drawing will occur, along with a speaker. Angie will reach out to potential speakers from KC Community Gardens, Giving Grove, MU Extension Service, and the Waldo Farmers Market.
  9. Annual Picnic, June 24
    1. Total budget – $700 – $1,000. Considered asking food trucks to come, decided to continue providing free food. Condiments, napkins, and serving utensils remain from last year. Estimated costs for a movie night – $450 to rent screen, $280 – $380 for movie licensing, and may need to purchase additional insurance.
    2. Schedule – proposed schedule – 6-7 p.m. fire truck, games, carnival food, 7-9 p.m. live music and food, 9 – 10:30 p.m. movie (once its dark) No word yet whether Waldo Historical Society would like to have complementary events related to the Tower on the same day.
  10. Future meetings –
    1. No future town halls planned. No word from ACLU or social justice groups
    2. Pat Klein, Director of Aviation, is requesting a Town Hall to talk about updates to KCI. Tiffany Moore of Armour Hills is interested in combining efforts. It was agreed that a joint event in July would be good, perhaps at Research Brookside Campus.
    3. Mike Zeller with Uniting Southwest is requesting a town hall to talk about opening up a hybrid charter school in the old Southwest High building. The group has not approached the school district or pursued a feasibility study.
    4. Angie reported out on the KC Public School Committee to research opening a new middle school south of Brush Creek. While the committee has not made a final recommendation, enrollment and relocation patterns reflect challenges in attracting enough student to support a new middle school.
    5. Surrounding neighborhoods are holding an area-wide garage sale the weekend of May 13. This date will be shared on social media in case anyone in WTHA area wants to volunteer to lead coordination for WTHA.
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Marlborough Neighborhood Clean-Up of Trash, Leaves, Bulky Items & Tires



(Coffee, juice, water and pastries will be served)


(A pizza lunch and soft drinks will be served)


(Residents can drop-off trash, leaves & green debris, bulky items & tires)


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Saturday Muffins and Mammograms in Waldo

Research Medical Center – Brookside Campus is making it easy to get your mammograms!

It is so important to get an annual screening for breast cancer, especially if you are a woman who is over 40.  Your insurance usually covers the cost and Research Medical has the latest technology, a 3D scanner, which helps with dense breast tissue.

Plus, they are making getting your mammo even more fun by providing muffins and coffee.  Also, they only provide patient care to mammo patients on Saturdays, so you can park right up front, have a quick check-in process and get your screening completed.

Click the image to get more info.

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Should KCPS Open up a Middle-School South of Brush Creek?

Dear Neighbors,

I have been serving on a steering committee with KCPS and Local Charter Schools along with other community leaders, to work out a plan for a middle school south of Brush Creek that can benefit students in the area.

As a parent to two 6th-grade children who are leaving Border Star Elementary and moving into middle school in the district, I felt an urgency to work with this group because not everyone can get into the best school in the district (Lincoln College Prep) and many parents that I know have no idea what to do if they don’t get into that school.

My daughters have friends who have had to leave the 6th grade at Border Star to go to Crossroads Academy in the middle of the school year because a spot opened up and if they didn’t take it, they would not have anywhere to place their child the following year. Mostly this is due to the testing limitations and the requirement to have passed over 60% of your Math and English NWEA test scores.

Many more parents have considered leaving the district altogether and there is a growing amount of lower elementary parents that are starting to feel the pressure of making the decision to hope for the best and get into Lincoln, or move out of the district.

Virtually no one is considering the other two middle schools (Central and Northeast) both of which are just north of Brush Creek, saying they are too far away, there is too strong of a security presence or in an area that is too dangerous and even more have no idea they even exist as a possibility.

So far, I have attended 3 meetings, with another one planned for March 25th.
During our first meeting, I was educated on all of the schools in the area, including charters, and we talked a lot about enrollment numbers.

We also looked at the survey results from everyone who took that survey- Click Here to see the data.

We learned that overall, families with school-aged children have been moving out of the area at 4th, 5th and 6th grades.

Demographically, there are more white people moving into the district and African-Americans and Hispanic people are moving out.

The people who are moving in are typically young with no kids. Once they have kids, enrollment into Pre-K, K and Lower El is pretty high. My guess is that right about the time people start seeing their kids take the NWEA and other assessments, they start finding out that those test scores are going to affect which school they can get into when their child is in the 7th grade.

The district posted our first meeting’s presentation data- Click Here

You can see the group’s discussion notes- Click Here

When you read these notes, you will notice there is blue text included which points you to the 2nd week’s presentation for answers.

Our 2nd week looked at the additional numbers that we requested, and then we broke out into some discussion groups. We were asked to summarize, from all of the data that we had looked at, and figure out what the take-aways were and what we thought our current situation was, what our goal was (open the middle school south of Brush Creek) and what that looked like.

Many of us agreed that we wanted diversity, many of us agreed we wanted services and for the school to be robust (with athletics/team sports, arts, science, afterschool activities) and not just specialized in one area. For example, my family considered Paseo Academy for our children since they are very artistic and Lincoln College Prep has minimal art programs. But Paseo has no sports teams and their academics are struggling. Parents want a more rounded base for all schools, then they can choose more fairly for specialized programs such as robotics or fine art.

To see our 2nd meeting presentation- Click Here

For our 2nd Meeting discussion notes- Click Here

Those discussions include the fact that our population south of Brush Creek has declined overall, especially for people of color. There were mixed feelings about whether we have enough students to justify a new school. Many KCPS schools have perception issues and we had concerns that there were not enough robust middle school and/or high school programs to compete with schools in the suburbs.

For nformation from our 3rd meeting which was on March 4th- Click Here.

In that meeting, we went over the group discussion notes (from the 2nd meeting) and what we were trying to achieve with our group.

We talked about better programming for schools, proximity of the school (in the neighborhood south of Brush Creek), student diversity (what that actually means) and how to get better communication to the community to bring more awareness of KCPS events and programs.

We were also presented with some takeaways for enrollment data which showed that

a. Only 3 schools south of Brush Creek had white enrollment > 10% (Academie Lafayette, Border Star and Hale Cook) which is out of sync with the demographic data which shows 43% of the under 18 population as white.

b. Only 22% of charter schools south of Brush Creek had Hispanic enrollment > 5% vs. 50% of KCPS schools in the same area.

c. KCPS serves a significantly higher % of IEP students than charter schools.

Our next group discussion was to identify what “diversity” meant in relation to students in our schools. It’s not just about race, but about level of services, teachers, community, what happens outside of school, and should also look at IEP and how KCPS schools are not serving an evenly distributed amount of students with IEPs.

We also discussed ways to address this when we looked at overall demographics in the neighborhood.

Many of the people in our committee agreed that we needed to do a lot more work in our current schools and programs to address these issues before jumping into a whole new school.

We need to create more excitement for middle school and high school and to do that we have to make them more attractive to both parents with lower elementary children in the district as well as parents not yet invested in the district.

I actually proposed that KCPS have ambassadors that attend local meetings and events to get one on one with neighbors and let them know about all of the great things happening in our schools.

We need to form partnerships with our charter schools to provide more robust programming for all students.

If you have additional input that you, as a community member, would like to convey through me at these meetings, please send me a message and let me know.

Our next meeting is March 25th, but I won’t be in attendance. I can certainly send my concerns to the group and let you know what they discussed once I check in with them.

You can follow our progress completely through the school district’s website here- http://www.kcpublicschools.org/Page/5551

Angie Lile
President – Waldo Tower Homes Association

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WTHA Neighborhood Meeting, March 11 Minutes

March 11, 2017, 10 a.m., Waldo Library
Attendance: 20

Tammy Gay, Vice President of WTHA called the meeting to order and started the meeting with introductions.


  1. Three representatives from WTHA are completing a course through UMKC’s Center for Neighborhoods.
  2. WTHA is hosting a Crime Forum March 14 at Research Medical Center.
  3. Spring Dumpster Day is now being planned for the end of April or early May. City funding for the dumpsters is pending. It will continue to be at South Broadland Presbyterian Church.
  4. WTHA Annual Picnic and Movie Night is planned for June 24.
  5. April 4 – VOTE! Find sample ballots on the website for the Kansas City Election Board. The issues include the “1-2-3 GO!” general obligation bonds for infrastructure, Question 4 re: economic development, and Question 5 re: lower sentencing for municipal level marijuana convictions.
  6. 6th District Council Meeting, 2nd Fridays, 7:30 a.m. at the Trail Center.
    1. Awards coming for the Waldo Tower restoration
    2. Alert KC (formerly Nixle) sign up for localized phone text alerts for severe weather, Amber alerts, and silver alerts.
    3. Upgrades to 75th and Wornall planned for 2018 – including turning lanes, new sidewalks 75th to 79th, Trolley Trail connection between 75th and 76th, improvements to the parking lot at the NE corner, and green space improvements.
    4. New Red Bridge Recycling Center, 5200 E. Red Bridge Road (71 Hwy.) Open Wed. – Sat, 9 to 5.
    5. Mid-Continent Library Red Bridge Branch will be building a new facility including a new space for Wonderscope, a children’s museum relocating from Shawnee.
    6. Former DeVry building on 435 will become FEMA office space
    7. KC Water Services is offering free checkups of sewer line connections in designated areas.
  7. 7. Robeson Middle School, 82nd and Holmes: A partnership of local buyers has proposed the redevelopment of the site into a multi-sport community athletic facility. The partnership would purchase the site from the school district. The partnership may include the Rockhill Tennis Club, rugby, soccer, and more. The redevelopment would be privately funded, without tax incentives. The proposal was featured in the KC Star.
  8. South Kansas City Alliance – next meeting includes Cerner updates, Red Bridge updates, and speakers on April 4 ballot issues, Questions 4 and 5.
  9. KC Parks released its Spring and Summer activities guide.
  10. Senior housing is planned as part of the redevelopment of an office tower at 67th and Troost. It is a continuum of care senior community, featured in the KC Star.
  11. A question was raised regarding the next Curb Appeal Grant drawing, which is planned for the May WTHA meeting.

Keynote Speaker: Matt Vander Molen, Kansas City Tree Alliance (affiliated with Bridging the Gap)

  1. Heartland Tree Alliance is under contract with the City of Kansas City for street tree planting to develop a healthier urban forest.
  2. Benefits of an urban forest:
    1. Saves homeowners money (shading and cooling homes, reducing electric bills)
    2. Carbon sequesteration
    3. Wildlife habitat
    4. Decreased erosion, increased storm water infiltration
    5. Increased property values – established shade trees can increase property values by 5-10%

3. Free Street Trees for KCMO residents (within the public right of way)

A. Prioritizing east side, northeast, and midtown neighborhoods

B. Given past problems with very large trees that cause sidewalks to buckle, this program provides for small and mid-sized trees that are native and more resilient (unlike oaks and ash trees that attract disease)

C. Current program is for the free planting of 500 trees. Adjacent property owners sign a two year commitment to water the tree

D. For Waldo to be includes, 20 homeowners would need to be identified

Nuisance properties

  1. Two residents attending the meeting raised concerns about specific properties with extensive code violations. Larry Roth convened with these residents to discuss strategies for dealing with nuisance properties, and possible next steps for the association.
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VIDEO- Town Hall with KCMO Police on Crime Prevention in Waldo



Also, you can see Fox 4 Kansas City’s coverage here- http://fox4kc.com/2017/03/14/waldo-neighbors-meet-with-police-to-address-recent-spike-in-burglaries/

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Waldo Tower Homes seeks feedback from residents regarding the Robeson Middle School Re-Use Proposal

Hello Neighbors! We’ve been asked to collect feedback from our residents on the proposed re-use for Robeson Middle School which is located at 8201 Holmes Road. This is technically outside of the Waldo Tower Homes Association’s boundaries, but we are right next to it so we have been asked to collect input.

For those who may have missed the meeting held by KCPS on March 6th, the information for the proposal has been placed online.

To learn about the school/property, click here- http://www.kcpublicschools.org/Page/4491

To see the proposal, click here- http://www.kcpublicschools.org/cms/lib6/MO01001840/Centricity/Domain/1452/ROBESON%20PROPOSAL%20SUMMARY%20SHEET_RENDERINGS_031317.pdf

To see what the Kansas City Star had to say about it, click here- https://www.google.com/amp/s/kansascity.relaymedia.com/amp/news/local/article136829173.html

Finally, to give your personal feedback, whether in support or in opposition, please click here- http://www.kcpublicschools.org/cms/lib6/MO01001840/Centricity/Domain/1452/Stakeholder%20Feedback%20Form-%20ROBESON%20030617.pdf


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Our next General Meeting is Saturday, March 11th

Join the Sign Brigade and help spread awareness about our general meetings!

Please join us on Saturday, March 11th, for our next General Meeting at the Waldo Library, Meeting Room A.

The doors open right at 10am and there will be some time to chat with neighbors while we get set up.

Please note that our usual livestream will not happen at this meeting due to lack of available volunteers. Let us know if you are tech savvy and want to help.

We’ll go over info/updates:

-Report on WTHA Town Hall held 2/6/17 on April Ballot Questions “1-2-3 GO Bonds” for Kansas City Infrastructure

-Report on 6th District Council “2nd Friday” meeting held 2/10/17

-75th & Wornall Renovation project

-Red Bridge Library & Wonderscope Children’s Museum

We’ll also meet Matt Vandermolen of the Heartland Tree Alliance who will talk with us about trees and their free street tree planting program! See you there!

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Informational Town Hall to Discuss Crime Prevention in the Waldo Neighborhood

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Mixed Use Community Center being proposed for Robeson Middle School on Holmes Road

The Waldo Tower Homes Association Board Members had a special visit at their recent board meeting and an early glimpse at the proposed plan for Robeson Middle School. We’re encouraging our friends and neighbors who live near the school, located at 8201 Holmes Rd, to attend the upcoming community meeting on March 6th to learn more about it.

Some of the neighbors remember when the school used to be a Jewish Community center and it sounds like a neighborhood sports/community center is in its future once again. The plans we saw included places for kids to play sports, like Rugby and Soccer as well as a track for running, an indoor Olympic-sized swimming pool and an indoor basketball court.

We heard plans for using the theater for community plays and concerts, the cafeteria to teach students how to prepare and serve their own food and hopes for partnerships with folks like Price Chopper to open up a small grocery market. Be sure to attend the meeting at Hartman Elementary School, 8111 Oak Street, on March 6th at 6:30pm.

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Waldo Tower Homes neighbors pull together to help someone in need.

Well we’ve had an exciting week here at the Waldo Tower Homes Association and many of us on the Board are so very appreciative of the love and support that came rolling in. We had many people write to us in support and a total of $880 was donated.

Here is an update and picture of how we delivered Brandon Robins’ donations-

Not only that, but our story was picked up by the following news agencies:








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A personal opinion post from Waldo Tower Homes President, Angie Lile

Dear Neighbors,

I have a few opinions about a recent incident in our neighborhood that I would like to share and this may or may not be the opinion of our Board of Directors so don’t hold this against them if you don’t agree.  I feel that I am in a unique position to state this openly and have earned the right to be heard through the many hours I have dedicated to this community.

It is my opinion that this whole situation (detailed in the image below) is an example of the systemic racism that pervades our culture. It has been well established that people of color are significantly more likely viewed as a “threat” even with no other indicators. Given the current situation our neighbors have experienced with the break-ins, everyone is a lot more jumpy and observant.  This combination was the perfect storm that caught Mr Robins in its wake.

It’s incumbent upon all of us to learn about, acknowledge, and mediate these tendencies so that similar harm is not inflicted on others. To make Mr Robins’ life easier I’m sharing his story on social media and the news, but I won’t be able to, nor should I have to do that with everyone who comes through our neighborhood, as much as I try.

Existing in space, walking down a public street is not a crime, while following and/or harassing someone potentially is. For more information see http://kirwaninstitute.osu.edu/research/understanding-implicit-bias/.

Such incidents (and the fallout from them) make People of Color who live and work here feel unwelcome among their own neighbors. Even if we don’t participate in such actions, we send a message when we don’t speak out against them. It’s important that Waldo remain a diverse and welcoming community to everyone–we are so much stronger united than divided.

If you wish to contribute to Brandon’s fund, please visit http://towerhomesassociation.org/?page_id=2150 where we will be collecting until February 24th so we can deliver to him by the weekend of February 25, 2017

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Minutes from the February 15, 2017 Board Meeting

Waldo Tower Homes Association

Board Meeting

February 15, 2017

Attendees: Angie Lile, Karol O’Brien, Damien McNearney, John Bozarth, Tammy Gay, Elizabeth Hollins, and Safia Gray.

Social Media/Racial Profiling – Angie updated the board about an incident near Hartman Elementary in which an African-American father picking his son up from school was confronted by neighbors who were suspicious. He was later questioned by the police and detained for a traffic violation. He contacted Southtown Council to share his experience. Angie then posted to the Waldo Neighborhood Facebook page to bring awareness to the perils of posting pictures on social media of “suspicious” individuals who may just be walking down the street.

Robeson School Reuse Proposal (8201 Holmes)Sean Pickett, a local attorney, presented an initial concept for redevelopment of the Robeson School site. Garcia Architects. The development proposal is over a two year period, including rehab of the building, and add on to the east side. The project is a combination of a youth sports complex, in partnership with Sports Management Association. There will be complementary services such as daycare, or potentially a grocery store partner. The site already includes an Olympic-sized pool. Parochial school teams have expressed needs for more pool availability. The project is primarily using private financing and will not be seeking tax credits. The project is estimated to start at $8 million. The acquisition price will be $600,000. A public meeting is upcoming, March 6, 6:30 p.m. Hartman Elementary, 8111 Oak.

GO Bond issue – The question was posed whether WTHA would take an official position? There are three questions totaling $800 million for infrastructure improvements. It includes sidewalk and street improvements, an animal shelter, and flood control. Instead of taking an immediate position, we will add a poll to the website to start dialogue about the issue.

Future Town Halls – Crime and safety, March 14, include Missouri Legislators for an August date (when they are in state)

South Middle School Steering Committee – Angie Lile serves on the steering committee, which includes representatives from public, charter, and private schools. So far, the committee reviewed the parent survey results. The most recently opened middle schools are further north from our neighborhood. While each school has 600 seats, they have not met attendance expectations. The district is losing students not just to charter schools, but to surrounding districts, as families are migrating out of the city. The importance of sports was raised as a recruiting factor. The steering committee is hoping for a middle school serving south of Brush Creek. Materials are available on the school district’s website.

March General Meeting – March 11 – 75th and Wornall streetscape, setting dates for upcoming focus groups

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Informational Town Hall with Mayor Sly James about New GO Bond Questions on April Ballot

The City Council passed an ordinance placing an $800 million infrastructure repair plan on the April ballot, seeking resident approval for a comprehensive capital improvements program. The program would use revenue created by issuing approximately $40 million in bonds each year for 20 years. Join Kansas City Missouri Mayor Sly James and City Finance Director Randy Landes for an Informational Town Hall to discuss this important issue and to get your questions answered.

Click here to see the Kansas City of Missouri Press Release

Click here to see the Infrastructure Repair Details

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Kansas City Water Presentation from January 14th Meeting

For anyone who may be interested in seeing the slides from the KCMO Water Services presentation at our general meeting on January 14th, feel free to click the image below.

View the Power Point Presentation by clicking on the image.

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Research Hospital – Brookside Campus for low-wait Emergency Room Services

We really enjoyed the presentation given by Rob Schlicht with HCA Midwest who came to tell us all about the Brookside Campus for Research Hospital. Below you will find a link to the flier that he handed out.

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