What to do about a barking dog

We recently heard from one of our members who was suffering from barking-dog syndrome. The neighbor’s dog was being placed outside while the neighbor would go to work during the graveyard shift. The dog would continuously bark until the morning hours when it was finally let it. After several attempts to discuss with the neighbor about the issue with nothing being resolved, they turned to us to help.

We found a useful way of reporting the barking dog, using the 3-1-1 action center through the city.

1. Click on this link to go to the 3-1-1 Action reporting page on the city’s website: http://webfusion.kcmo.org/coldfusionapps/ActionCenterRequest/RequestForm.cfm

2. Change the category to “Animals and Pets”

3. Change the service to “Barking Dog” and click the “Continue” button.

4. Please provide the location of the dog and a timeframe for which the barking occurs. A warning letter will be sent to the dog owner.

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