When Filing a Code Violation

Ah, summer—when everyone’s yards are well-maintained and all houses are cleaned of trash and there’s no such thing as an abandoned property. Wrong. Are you plagued with a house next door with grass up to your waist or garbage on the front or vermin from an abandoned house? If a friendly chat with the homeowner hasn’t created change, it might be time to open a code violation file on the property. It’s easy to do and it’s easy to find out who owns the property if it’s been abandoned.

True, our city code department is overworked and undermanned, but if you never open a file on the property, nothing will ever get done about it. Once the file is open, it’s up to you to check and check often. (the squeaky wheel strategy)

You can find out the name of the property owner by going to:

That leads you to “Main Menu” click on “Land Information System.” All you have to do is fill out the house number, the direction and the street and click on “Search.”

You can open a code violation file by calling 3-1-1. Or, you can fill out a complaint on line at:

Want Tower Homes Association to know about your complaint? Contact your director by clicking HERE.

Not sure what district you are in? That can be found by clicking HERE.

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